Wednesday, January 18, 2017

'Jubilation in the Land...when Johnny Strikes Up the Band' Beatcroft Social from last Saturday with rare Paul Buchanan radio session tracks

Sorry for the delay in posting, folks, but here's Saturday's Beatcroft Social from 60 North Radio, including these very rare Paul Buchanan solo sessions for a US radio station. Audio on Mixcloud and the Facebook video and audio stream.

We've been very busy this week preparing for what will be around six hours of broadcasting on Tuesday 31st January, Up Helly Aa Day. There will be special live Beatcroft Socials from 9-11am and 5-7pm, with video of some of the greatest moments in Viking action.


Warren Zevon: Johnny Strikes Up The Band
Bottle Rockets: Radar Gun
Luke Sital Singh: American Girl
Blue Nile: I Love this Life (vinyl 45)
The Hold Steady: The Swish
The XX: Brave for You
Steve Butler: Waving and Drowning (vinyl)
Japandroids: No Known Drink or Drug
Paul Buchanan radio session: A Walk Across The Rooftops
Tom Anderson, Aly Bain, Davie Tulloch, Trevor Hunter: The Unst Bridal March and The Bride's a Bonnie Ting (vinyl, from The Silver Bow Volume 1)
Lise Sinclair: Wireless (from the A Time to Keep CD)
JD MacPherson and Pokey LaFarge: Good Old Oklahoma
Poco: Rose of Cimarron
Mark Kozalek: Up To My Neck in you
AC/DC: Got Blood If you Want It
The Beat Poets:Killer Bee Honey (vinyl)
MC Solaar: La Vie Est Belle
Rilo Kiley: Portions for Foxes
Blue Nile: Stay (vinyl)
Paul Buchanan radio session: Easter Parade
Teenage Fanclub: The Darkest Part of the Night
Buckingham Nicks: Don't Let Me down again (vinyl)
Dropkick Murphys: 4-15-13
Elton John: Are You Ready for Love?
Flamin' Groovies: Shake some Action

Sunday, January 08, 2017

First show of 2017: Beatcroft Social with digital, vinyl, cassette, CD and reel-to-reel tape in The Museum of Lost Audio

Here's the full playlist for The Beatcroft Social on 60 North Radio from 7 January 2017, plus the archived Facebook Live video (no aurora visible due to heavy cloud, alas) the Mixcloud audio stream and the (partial) Spotify playlist (none of the Museum of Lost Audio stuff). Back live next week!

British Sea Power: Bad Bohemian
Canned Heat: Going Up The Country
Miracle Glass Company: How Long? (Vinyl)
Luke Sital-Singh: This Woman's Work
California Honeydrops: Sit down On It
Pete Atkin: Sessionman's Blues (Vinyl)
Fiddler's Bid: Ode To Joy
Astrid Williamson: Loaded Like a Gun
Shakin' Pyramids: Hell Bent on Rockin' (Vinyl)
Blind Boy Flugga (with Andy Munro): The Reverend Love (cassette demo/radio session)
Beck Bogart and Appice: Superstition
Lou Reed: Legendary Hearts
Frank Sinatra: Not as a Stranger (World Record Club reel-to-reel pre-record)
Pete Stack and the Rayburns: Walking the Dog
Rory Gallagher: In Your Town
Arthur Nicholson: God Only Knows
The Bible: Glory Bound (Live B-side;vinyl)
Robert Mitchum: Beauty is Only Skin-Deep
Ivor Cutler: I Worn My Elbows
Rachel Sweet: B-A-B-Y Baby
Midlake: Roscoe
We Free Kings: Love is in the Air (Vinyl)
Billy Swan: Jailhouse Rock/King Creole
Ane Brun: To Make You Feel My Love
Betty Davis: My Soul is Tired
Curlew: Shetland Reels (Ramna Stacks; Da Spirit of Whisky; Gold For Da Boannie Lasses)